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Personals information:

- Family circumstances: married, three children’s graduated and/or working in the world of finances and e_business

- Nationality: French ,

- Age:57 years


- Patent of Technician Electrotechnologist + BTS Electrotechnologist, Graduate

- 12 years of work as application engineer  in companies manufacturers  of programmable logic controllers and of  supervisory systems. Use computers since fifteen years.

1. Self-educated polyglot: foreign languages:

2. English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish

3. Electrical Control engineering, Electronics, Automatic,

Fields of competences:

Multi-language translation & operation in foreign countries.

- Design, Development, Production, Assembly, Start-up,

- Head of Projects, Direction of enterprise in the area of industrial automation. Reporting.

- Training, Expertise, Finances of limited liability company,

- Marketing, Communication, Commercial,

- Data processing, RS Logix, RS View, DataBases, Autocad, HTML,

foreign languages translators on Internet, browsing.

Excel. PowerPoint , WinWord. Ciel. Acrobat. Visual Basic.                                              RETOUR

Professional Experience :

1.                          International actions in Mexico, Angola, Qatar, Germany, Italy, China, Abu-Dhabi

  Start-ups, Projects , Maintenance, Commissioning of industrial systems , teaching

  Project of a low voltage circuit breaker  in China

1997/2002 in the fields of the metallurgy, oil, power plant,

        1994-1997 Smar France. Manager of the subsidiary  of Smar , Opening of the subsidiary company of a manufacturer ISO9001 of sensors - transmitters of absolute pressure, differential pressure of fluids in explosive classified environments, and numerical systems of controls under protocols  Fieldbus Foundation.

            Marketing, Distribution, Imports, Administration.

        1994 Nestle (Araçatuba, Brazil) Engineer in charge of the installation of the modernizing of the installations of reception of milk .This system is based on computers with touch screens Nematron, and of  programmable logic controllers manufactured under licence of Reliance Electric (Rockwell).

        1987-1994 Sistema Automation Industrial (Sao-Paulo) Application Engineer  Senior , by this manufacturer  programmable logic controllers of high performances based on processors Motorola, 68xxx with hot-stand-by redundancy,  on networks of coaxial cables with 800 kbits/s. Implementation of projects in the field of the blast furnaces, the iron and steel industry, oil, the fire-protection in a factory of cellulose, etc. Installation of a total control of the electric distribution of an iron and steel pole. Instrumentation in the chloro - chemical pole of Maceio, and in the petro - chemical pole of . Camaçari.



        1981-1987 Jatic (Diadema.Sao-Paulo) carrying out the biding, and  executing projects of controls like . the control of the dam of Pericumao, instrumentation of hydrogen  plant of Recife, sensors . indicators of  presence of voltage 0-4000 volts D.C. current, for the surface Subway of Recife,; services of start-up of the measurement of flow of oil and natural gas on the first platform offshore oil rig of the bay of Campos: Namorado. Estimate, project and execution of the prototype of the modern version of  PHOTOMATON, photographs in 3 minutes.

 Instruments for fire detection  in the control rooms of the sub-stations of the Dam Itaipu (12 Gigawatts) and of Sao-Roque.(Sao-Paulo)

       1979-1981 Allen-Bradley. (Sao-Paulo) Application Engineer

First engineer hired  at the time of the installation of the company  in Brazil. Implementation of estimates and projects containing all the lines of products of the manufacturer. Fiber Glass panels for the aluminium industry, programmable controllers with ferrite memory then with memories RAM.

Medium Voltage and low voltage Motor control centers . Accessories for the electric industry

       1978     Liebherr  Brasil.(Sao-Paulo ) Head of the electric service . Start-up of civil and marine cranes.

       1977-1978 Toshiba  Brasil.(Sao-Paulo) Electrical engineer in the sales department. Specifications of engines and electric generators, Biding and taking of the orders of large rotating machines.

       1976-1977 Sace. Sao-Paulo- Brazil ) Technician Electrician . Localisation  of circuit breakers of 500 Kv. Biding of panels .Execution of projects and start-up.Start-up of a diesel generator of 4000 kva in the mine of Cana-Brava

       1974-1975 Fleischer Ingenieur-Büro (Mannheim . Germany ) Engineer  acting in instrumentation of processes for the petro-chemical industry.

       1973-1974 Deutsche Interim Service in Mannheim.Technicien and Engineer at BBC and ITT.

        1972       Monomertechnik. Electrical engineer . (Schicht-leiter) Mission in the airport of  Frankfurt

       1971-1972   Linguistic dwelling in Tokyo.   Study of the written japanese language.

       1971 ?..     Eurokon. Electrical engineer . Mission at Siemens In Hamburg.

       1971       Linguistic dwelling  in London.

       1970       Long Linguistic training  in Germany. Engineer at Koppers in ESSEN. Project of instrumentation of a sinterisation plant

      1968-1969 Paris  Electrician chief