The Church of St Tadeus

           Among the other churches worth visiting in
Iran is the Church of
St. Tadeus
of Vank in kara- Zia- ed- din, in Western Azarbaijan, between Maku
and the Bazargan frontier. Historians believe the church was built some time
between the 6th to 9th century A.D.

             The church sustained substantial damages due to an earthquake in
1319 A.D..Other historians say that the
Church of St. Tadeus has been set up
by one of the apostle of Jesus. According to some accounts, in the year 40
A.D. Tadeus travelled to the area to propagate Christianity. He managed to
convert the daughter of the then king to Christianity. Tadeus and Sandokht,
the king's daughter, were then both martyred by the king.

             The tomb of Sandokht is located at the same church. Every year,
hundreds of Christian pilgrims head for kara-Zia-ed-din to visit the church
and tombs of Tasus and Sandokht.