WANCLIK Tadé (7/1945..) 10 rue Jean Giono FRANCE  mailto:wanclik@free.fr  0033950034095



senior instrumentation *CONTROL* electrical engineer




Family status:



  1. French :  professional fluency
  2. English : professional fluency
  3. German:  professional fluency
  4. Portuguese : professional fluency
  5. Polish :fluent 
  6. Spanish : fluent
  7. Italian : concepts
  8. Russian : concepts in spoken and written
  9. Japanese :concepts in written
  10. Chinese :concepts in written
  11. Arabic: concepts in written




PLC’s :

Microsoft Office environment software particularly: Excel.

PLC  Allen Bradley and Reliance Electric.

Software Rockwell Automation: RSLogix and RSview,

Syscon configurator of Fieldbus Foundation;

Nematron Touch Screen supervisory software


Frontpage. Photoshop  Leechftp  .Explorer .Messenger

C++ for small programs

Education :


Higher Certificate of Education in ELECTROTECHNICS in ALBI.TARN.FRANCE



Brevet de Technicien Electrotechnicien des Lycées Techniques d’Etat ,

Lycée Louis Rascol  Albi .Tarn ;1965


Brevet de Technicien Superieur Electrotechnicien Albi/Toulouse1967


Trainee at the power plant of Carmaux 81


Maitrise d’Electrotechnique à la Faculté des Sciences de Toulouse 1967/1968

First job: 1968

Chef Electricien of the Assemblée Nationale. PARIS 1968/1969

Safety Course:


On the Island of Halul  Qatar in 2001



  1. Global understanding of industrial controls from field to control-room.
  2. General Manager of a subsidiary of  international manufacturer of instruments
  3. Application Engineer in Process Control Instrumentation and Electricity
  4. Experience within Metallurgical , Steel making industry ,Chemical Industries, Gas products, Oil production
  5. Installation ,pré-Commissioning -Commissioning – Start-up- Maintenance activities
  6. Projects and start-up with Programmable Logic Controllers :Allen Bradley ,
  7. Distributed Control Systems :Yokogawa
  8. Emergency shutdown and fire & gas systems, metering of fluids in all environments.
  9. Organization of data with Excel


Professional Experience: from Application Engineer to General Manager.


2004 December


Position : Supervisor Electricity /Instrumentation

Client : Exxon Mobil. Platform OSO Nigeria.

Name Project.:Restoring of a compressor burned by accident on the platform..

  1. Hired to supervise the substitution of the burned cabling from control –room to local junction boxes of the instrumentation.of the burned compressor.in june 2004.
  2. Verification of  the compressor instrumentation not burned, for restart.
  3. Constitution of the data required to feed 20 men with work for 5 weeks in order to lay the cables and to connect them, the platform being in production.
  4. Daily report to management.


Compilation of an Arabic/English Electronic dictionary.

Composition of my  personal website



Position : Supervisor Electricity/Instrumentation

Client :Alstom. Mexico.

Petcoke power plant of 400 MVA in Tamuin

  1. Verification and start up of the equipment destined to control the  loading of the pet-coke and the limestone.
  2. Medium Voltage 6 KV, entrances and motors, transformers , motor control centers, etc,  manufactured in Brazil and in the Czech Republic , and projected in India.
  3. Calibration of the protection relays, the weighting system , the input/outputs of the Allen Bradley PLC and the supervisory system.
  4. Corrections of the failures


Position:Chef Electricien

Client: Bouygues. SOYO base for GIRASSOL Platform in ANGOLA;

  1. Maintenance of the two small power plants and the distribution of energy.
  2. Execution of small community tasks like installations in schools.
  3. Supervision of the routine revampings of the generators


Position: Instrumentation Commissioning Engineer

Client: Totalfinaelfqatar / Sofresid

  1. Contruction of a power plant based on 8 Tempest generators of 10 MVA, installation of the first three units.
  2. Supervision of the installation of a fiber optic redundant net
  3. Checking of Fire detection & protection in the control room
  4. Revamping of the interconnection between the new and the existing plant in the process area
  5. Commissioning of the instrumentation of the compressor Rosemount
  6. Organisation of the works in the control room Al Khalij



Position: Instrumentation  Engineer

Client: Salzgitter  Germany;

Vertical Furnace for the new plant of hot galvanization of  rolls of steel

Interaction into the whole mounting done by Siemens , for all the delivery of STEIN HEURTEY concerning the furnaces.

  1. Start-up of the big electric synchrone motors,800 KW and more
  2. Calibration of the control devices  Foxboro
  3. Calibration of the temperature, flow and pressure metering, ABB
  4. Setting of the Scanner of temperature
  5. Participation to the dairy meetings.
  6. Organization of the installation and identification of the instruments in the plant




Position:Project redesigner

with Excel of an instrumentation project done with Autocad in order to satisfy the customer’s requirements.

Client:AGIP Italy

  1. Instrumentation of a project managed by AGIP for the construction of a pilot unit of liquefaction of gas .
  2. Tracing of the heating for the tubing


Position:Electrical Engineer

Client:Songben .Shunde China;

Project of a line of circuit-breakers of low voltage, low current.

  1. Definition of the products
  2. Design with Autocad
  3. Introduction into the PANAMETRICS  3D Software.


Position:Start-Up Engineer

Client:QAFCO Qatar

  1. Installation of  a new device called “elephant trump”on an existing loader of sulphur in the harbour of QAFCO
  2. Modification of the electric installation and of the PLC configuration .
  3. Project of the electric recabling of the loading machine in order to include the operation of the “elephant trump”on site
  4. Execution of the software modifications in the Allen Bradley PLC
  5. Everything done in the shorter time permitted between two loading of ships.



Client:ADNOC Abu-Dhabi

  1. Revamping of a loading machine of  sulphur in RUWAIS
  2. Substitution of a ball bearing of 2 meters supporting the machine
  3. Introduction of 20 distributors of grease
  4. Introduction of pressure meters
  5. Project of the cabling to be done by existing local personal.
  6. Insertion of new input/output cards into the racks of the PLC
  7. Writing of the program of distribution of the grease
  8. Programming of the PLC Allen Bradley
  9. Start-up



Position: Teacher of Electrotechnics

Client: Lycée of Goussainville .France



Position:Start-up ENGINEER

Client:Alstom QATAR

Start up of high voltage /low voltage switchgears distribution centers.

  1. Setting in order of batteries cadmium nickel after an accident.according to standards




Position:  Project Designer


Project of a supervisory system based on PLC Allen Bradley and a supervisory system based on  RSview +Access for a factory of chemical products

  1. Follow-up of the inputs/ outputs
  2. Integration and definition of functions
  3. Start-up in the site of Tilloy.



Position :General Manager of SMAR FRANCE

Client: .A Subsidiary of SMAR;

  1. Formation on products smar in the central office in Brazil.
  2. Formation in the product AIMAX in the USA.
  3. Creation of the subsidiary  in France.
  4. Promotion of the products. first appeared on the world market and developed in BRAZIL before they became known as Fieldbus.
  5. Managing of the company.
  6. Participation to the fair of Düsseldorf in 1995
  7. Participation to the fair of Paris in 1996.



Position:Application Engineer

Client:Nestle in Araçatuba  .Brazil

Revamping of an installation of reception of liquid milk of a powder milk factory.

Objective: terminate the job started three years before.

Main function disconnect all existing connections and reconnect them to the new system based on a PLC Reliance Electric and a supervisory system installed in four stations Nematron fitted with touch-screen displays.

The day I accepted to do the job, I have been contacted by SMAR;

They gave me time to finish what I even not had started.

During two month I have constructed my database consisting on routines to be implemented in the PLC and the Nematron stations. And the data I have read

after localisation of the motors, valves, selectors , instruments , cables, terminal boards, etc.

I was ready to start after two months of dairy work.

The third month everything was done with the assistance of two electricians and a young  electronic engineer.

I have written everything and commanded the dismounting*remounting one by one of all the functions  without stopping the operation of the plant working on a 24/24 hours basis.



Position:Application Engineer Senior

Client:by Sistema Automation Industrial in Sao Paulo.Brazil.

A manufacturer of PLC’s licensed by Reliance Electric;and a furnisher of supervisory systems developped by his own development engineering, and later

with Intouch.

Vendor of remote terminal units Ilex and  his software running under OS2.

  1. Development of the software for the regenerators of the furnace nr 3 of CSN
  2. Testing of all the system in the factory before the installing in the site during in a first stop of 72 hours.
  3. Development with a team working on the 4000 i/o of the loading system.
  4. Testing of the whole system in the factory and installing during a second stop of 72 hours.
  5. Project of re-management of the energy supply of the industrial basin of Volta Redonda with rtu’s and a fiber optic net.
  6. Development of a program and delivery of a PLC panel to be connected to a digital control system YOKOGAWA in the site of Pronor in order to deliver the isa4 signal of alarms.
  7. Programming of the interface of a supervisory system of a sub-station 24 kv
  8. Written in “C” under DOS ;
  9. Start up of the system
  10. Programming of the PLC for a manufacture artificial silk destined for protection against fire.




Position:Electric Engineer

Client: JATIC Industrias Electromecanicas in Diadema sp  Brazil

A Japanese company.manufacturer of instrumentation for Petrobras. and others.

  1. Project of demultiplexer 8/256 output to increase the capacity of a PLC Allen Bradley in order to complete a control of an hydrogene plant and generate the alarms ISA4  for the printer.
  2. Development of an instrument to correct the system of protection againt fire installed in the control room of the power plant of ITAIPU;
  3. Control for a dam  in the nord-east of brazil
  4. Project of a Photomaton machine , based on an old original , production of the prototype.
  5. Action of correction of the instrumentation of the metering on the first platform
  6. Namorado installed in the bay of Campos;



Position:Aplication Engineer

Client: ALLEN BRADLEY in Sao  Paulo

Execution of 320 quotations of systems based on products Allen Bradley and signed by me.

Organisation of mass quotations of motor centrol centers and PLC with trainees

Project of the first instrumentation panel made of fiber destined to the factory aluminium of VALESUL.

Participation to the project of the first prototype of MMC done in BRAZIL and tested in the USA;

Assistance for the execution of the first system Allen Bradley ever mounted in Brazil by FIBRA;




Position:Chief of Electric Service

Client: by LIEBHERR do Brasil in Guaratingueta;SP;

Hired to resolve a problem existing on the site of Rio de Janeiro with a crane

stopped at the heigth of  16 meters because of a .mis-contruction. caused by a mistake on the choice of a characteristic of the main motor.

Resolution in five days and increase of the power by addition of more space in the  panel containing the rotoric resistors.




Client:TOSHIBA do  Brasil;Manufacture of motors and generators.

Execution of quotation of big motors and generators.



Client: SACE , Italian manufacturer of high voltage dry circuit breakers and of control panels and switchgears.

Quotations,projects and start-up of high voltage switchgears






Engineer by BASF ;

Project of instrumentation in Anvers


Student of languages: English in England and Japanese in Japan




Project of instrumentation of  sinterization plant.