Scalable DCS, priced like PLCs from Siemens, Mitsubishi and Allen Bradley

Now there's a low-cost distributed control system (DCS) solution that matches your mission: the extraordinary Foxboro A2tm automation system from Invensys.

Call on it to control one process unit or automate your whole factory. The Foxboro A2 automation system is an entry-level, solution that stretches from simple I/O, indicators, and loop controllers to data management, panel displays, redundant controllers, and complete networked systems. For about what you would pay for mid-size PLC's from Siemens, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi or other vendors, you get a distributed control system (DCS). This means all PLC functionality, plus DCS capabilities for managing complex control loops, centralized configuration and redundant operations. The A2 automation system is structured to grow with your needs and your budget.

Key Benefits

Easy to configure and use

Expandable to control your entire plant

Intuitive, single-stop, drag-and-drop configuration tools

Sequential, regulatory, and batch control

Industry-leading Wonderwaretm HMI software packages

IEC61131-3 and S88 methodology

Here's why:

·                     For everything from entry-level unit control to plant automation to powerful integration with your IT business systems, the Foxboro A2 tm automation system is your best and most economical gateway to the DCS world.

·                     You get a full human-machine interface based on Wonderware products, the industry's HMI gold standard. A scalable open system design and an embedded object-based OPC interface supporting an unmatched integrally connected engineering toolset. A choice of three powerful controllers. A full range of input/output (I/O) selections. Global service. And fast, efficient communications.

·                     The Foxboro A2 automation system can handle the smallest control job, or automate your plant. Whether it's unit, plant, or enterprise business integration solutions, you get just what you need. Add more capabilities later; they can be seamlessly integrated into your existing system

FactorySuite® I/O Servers

In 1996, Wonderware set the standard for mission-critical industrial data communication when it introduced the SuiteLink™ high-speed communication protocol for FactorySuite® 2000 components.

I/O Servers also enjoy a long- established reputation for reliability and support for the DDE, FastDDE and SuiteLink protocols. Extending its broad range of FactorySuite I/O Servers is unquestionably key to Wonderware's connectivity objectives. Wonderware's I/O Servers, as well as third-party I/O Servers created with Wonderware's I/O Server Toolkit, can satisfy most industrial device connectivity needs.

In observance of Wonderware's policy to continue support for all Wonderware® products, the new DAServers and FactorySuite A²™ software products will continue to support the SuiteLink protocol, as well as FastDDE and DDE. Thus, established Wonderware software users can continue to share data between different Microsoft® Windows® applications.

Wonderware's I/O Servers can connect every FactorySuite 2000 and FactorySuite A² component, including:

·    InTouch® human-machine-interface (HMI) software

·    Industrial Application Server

·    IndustrialSQL Server™ real-time plant historian

·    InControl™ real-time control software

·    InBatch™ process batching software

·    InTrack™ production tracking software

They can also connect every component of the FactorySuite A² product line, including the new Industrial Application Server and other soon-to-be released products. Wonderware's I/O Servers also connect various popular PLC, RTU, DCS and ESD systems.

To find out if there's a Wonderware I/O Server to meet your needs, type in one or more keywords about the interface or hardware manufacturer that interests you, at right.